About Us

We are asset-free but carrier leased-on company, therefore, as a Logistics Provider, we do operate our own network of road transport.

  • tilt/tautlinertrailers 90 m³
  • megatrailer 100 m³
  • roadtrains 110-120 m³
  • refrigerators
  • trucks 50m3
  • vanstill 3,5 tons

We look for the best transport solutions that meet our customers’ needs as well as meeting the needs of the carriers we work with. At the same time we do provide marketing and sales for a few transportation companies. Now we are partners and subsidiaries of the company which has 200 trucks, CEMT, TIR-CARNET licensed, ADR certified and they do provide trucks to our immediate needs. Certain amount of road/transport is sub-leased to us on a rate/kilometer bases.

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